Rekey Locks

We come to rekey locks in West Vancouver as soon as possible. Call us if you need the assistance of our locksmith. Whether one of your keys is stolen or you want to rekey the locks of a new office or apartment before you move in, our team is here to help. Rekeying locks is one of the most cost-effective security solutions.Rekey Locks West Vancouver

With our expertise and skills, we won’t only help when there is an urgency but also when you try to find solutions to increase security and key management. Locksmith West Vancouver is experienced with master locks and can install the most convenient system for your building.

We rekey locks in a jiffy. Call us

Give us a call if you want lock rekey service in West Vancouver, British Columbia. We always rush to assist when there is an emergency with a lost key. Since such problems might lead to break-ins, we eliminate this possibility by rendering the original key useless. What the rekeying of your lock involves?

  • Key change since the lock must operate only with a new key.
  • Lock pins replacement and change of their configuration to match the key grooves and ridges.

We use the right key replacement to create a new key for your door. Our pros cut it to match the new pin configuration and always test it.

Once our pros rekey locks, the old key won’t get inside the lock anymore. And this is the value of this service. You don’t have to worry about potential burglaries anymore.

Available for master key system installation

Now, if you want to operate several doors in your business or apartment building with one key, call us for a master key system. The secret is to change the pins configuration so that many doors will work with one master key but each door will also operate with its own key. We are masters in such systems, come quickly, and provide solutions to make your life easier, help you with key management, and increase property security.

Whether your intention is to improve security or fix a problem like losing a key, contact us to help. Our local techs will rekey locks in West Vancouver in a timely fashion.